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24 時間予約



24 four


Provide the most friendly and secure dental treatment services,
to compatriots in Japan in Osaka.

Doctor introduction

Doctor introduction


Lee Peiqidoctor

Graduated from Southern Medical University
Osaka Dental University Ph.D. (Kazumasa Manabu)
Professor, Osaka Dental University, Department of Plant Plants
Osaka Dental University medical student
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hospital concept

With the concept of "making you fall in love with your teeth", Digital-L Dental combines the improvement of dental aesthetics with functional restoration, allowing patients to have teeth that are both beautiful and functional. Digital-L Dental wins trust with its professional capabilities, wins respect with its sincere care, and relies on patient reputation to survive and develop.
Currently, Digital-L Dental focuses on orthodontics and includes all aspects of difficult dental treatments, focusing on the beauty of patients’ smiles and comprehensive treatment and management of dental health.

Orthodontic training at the University of Southern California(Los Angles)
Orthodontic training at the University of Southern California.
(Los Angles)
Orthodontic training at the University of Southern California(San Diego)
Orthodontic training at the University of Southern California.
(San Diego)
Implantology training at Columbia University,USA
Implantology training at Columbia University,USA.
Osaka Dental University Hospital
Professor Hara, Osaka University of Medicine (Department of Plant Plants), Doctor, Osaka Dental University Hospital.
Osaka Dental University Outstanding Paper Award
Osaka Dental University
Outstanding Paper Award
Doctor of Orthodontics, Osaka Dental University
Doctor of Orthodontics, Osaka Dental University

Clinic introduction

Convenient transportation

Convenient transportation

1 minute from Exit 25 of Subway Honmachi Station.
There are multiple parking lots next to the hospital.

Independent clinic

Independent clinic

Preventing cross-infection during the epidemic.

Using Japan’s cutting-edge dental digital technology

Using Japan’s cutting-edge dental digital technology

Provide you with safe and efficient treatment

Invisible braces and orthodontics specialists provide transparent, convenient and efficient teeth correction through personal consultation.

Invisible braces and orthodontics specialists provide transparent, convenient and efficient teeth correction through personal consultation.

(Tooth whitening and correction will be performed at the same time)
*Provide effect guarantee, if the desired effect is not achieved within the agreed time, the cost of correction treatment will be refunded

Tidy environment

Tidy environment

Thorough cleaning and disinfection

Good ventilation and green environment

Good ventilation and green environment

Comfortable and secure medical environment

Diagnosis and treatment content

Treatment covered by National Insurance
Dental decay, periodontitis, wisdom teeth, teeth scaling, root canal treatment, regular dental check-ups, children's dentistry
Self-funded treatment projects
Orthodontics, dental implants, teeth whitening, whitening veneers, all-ceramic teeth, porcelain teeth

Diagnosis and treatment price

Insurance treatment items
*(National Insurance applies)
Price after insurance is applied
(30% burden)
tooth decay ¥2-4,000
* (large and small insect fangs)
root canal treatment ¥2-4,000
* (part)
Teeth cleaning ¥3-4,000
* (dental condition)
wisdom teeth ¥5-9,000
* (wisdom tooth difficulty)
Dental examination (including X-rays) ¥2-4,000
(tooth condition)

*The floating range of insurance treatment costs depends on the situation

Self-funded treatment items
*(National insurance does not apply)
Correction, implantation, whitening consultation free
Orthodontics (invisible correction) ¥49-1,050,000
* (depending on difficulty)
Orthodontics (wire correction) ¥150,000-990,000
* (depending on difficulty)
All-ceramic teeth (permanent warranty) ¥120,000
All-ceramic veneers (5-year warranty) ¥88,000
Teeth whitening ¥25,000
Difficult Wisdom Teeth (Dean’s Clinic) ¥30,000
Dental implants (permanent warranty) ¥450,000
Periodontal regeneration (bone regeneration) ¥220,000 /area
Nd.YAG laser treatment of severe periodontal disease ¥8,500(piece)

*Price including tax, all fees included

"Don't underestimate periodontitis: it may be threatening your oral health"

Periodontitis Definition and Importance

Periodontitis is a common oral disease that affects the tissue surrounding the teeth. If left untreated, teeth may become loose or even fall out. Understanding the symptoms and treatments of periodontitis is crucial to maintaining a healthy oral cavity.

Symptoms of periodontitis

Symptoms of periodontitis may include red and swollen gums, bleeding, bad breath, etc. If you find yourself experiencing these symptoms, you should seek help from your doctor immediately.

Causes of periodontitis

The main cause of periodontitis is the accumulation of dental plaque. Plaque is a sticky substance formed by bacteria and food particles. If it is not cleaned regularly, it can cause periodontitis.

Treatment methods for periodontitis

Treatment for periodontitis primarily involves professional cleaning and improvement of oral hygiene habits. In some severe cases, periodontal surgery may be necessary.


Understanding the symptoms, causes, and treatments of periodontitis can help us better protect our oral health. If you have any questions about periodontitis, please feel free to consult our hospital. We have a professional team of doctors to help you. Additionally, we offer state-of-the-art Nd.YAG laser treatment, which is highly effective in treating severe periodontitis.

Discovering the Dental Implant Process: Your Complete Guide

Dental implants have become an important method of modern dental technology and can effectively solve the problem of missing teeth. Let’s take a closer look at the dental implant process and why more and more people are choosing this option to restore their natural smile.

First, what are dental implants? Simply put, a dental implant is a dental procedure that replaces a lost tooth. During this procedure, the dentist will implant a small titanium screw in your jawbone, which will serve as the root of the new tooth. Once the screw is stable, the doctor will attach an artificial tooth to it.

In Osaka, our hospital has many years of experience in dental implants. Our team is composed of experienced medical practitioners who focus on providing high-quality medical services. Not only do we care about your oral health, we are also committed to helping you restore a confident smile.

Overall, dental implants are an effective way to replace missing teeth. If you have missing teeth, you may want to consider dental implants. Remember, a healthy smile not only boosts your self-confidence but also improves your quality of life. Contact our team and let us help you restore your smile.

Travel to Osaka and experience Digital-L’s fast and high-quality dental services

Dear tourists, are you enjoying the beautiful scenery and delicious food in Osaka, but are you troubled by sudden oral problems? Or do you want to add some sparkle to your smile while traveling? Don’t worry, Digital-L Dental Clinic is here to provide you with fast and quality solutions. Located in the heart of Osaka, we specialize in providing services such as Invisalign, ceramic veneers, ceramic crowns and dental implants, teeth whitening and cleaning, and laser treatment for severe periodontal disease, including one-time whitening treatments to make your smile The trip to Osaka was even more splendid.

Digital-L is only a 1-minute walk from Honmachi Station. Our doctors and staff are fluent in Chinese and ready to help you. We use the most advanced equipment and technology to provide you with precise and efficient treatment options. Our service is fast and high-quality, designed to minimize your waiting time and make your trip to Osaka smoother.

Whether you need emergency treatment due to a sudden toothache, or you want a routine oral checkup, cleaning or whitening, Digital-L is your best choice in Osaka. Our fast and high-quality service will make your trip to Osaka more enjoyable and allow you to experience the charm of Osaka more deeply.

When traveling in Osaka, if you encounter any oral problems or want to improve the charm of your smile, remember that Digital-L is your first choice. Our fast, high-quality service will ensure your oral health, brighten your smile, and make your trip more worry-free. Dear travelers, we look forward to your visit, let us serve you here and make your trip to Osaka better.

For reservations, please contact WeChat: DIGITAL-L

Find your ideal Invisalign teeth straightening and whitening solution in Osaka

Whether you are a Chinese student studying in Osaka or an office worker working in this city, you may want to have a white and neat smile. At Digital-L, we specialize in providing quality Invisalign teeth straightening and whitening services to help you achieve this goal.

Invisalign is our flagship service and has many advantages over traditional teeth straightening methods. First, it's more aesthetically pleasing. Traditional braces may affect the appearance of your smile, but with Invisalign, they are almost invisible. You can smile confidently without worrying that others will notice your braces.

Secondly, Invisalign invisible correction is faster. We know your time is valuable, so our correction options are designed to minimize your correction time. Our team of experts will design a personalized treatment plan for you so you can see results as quickly as possible.

In addition to invisible braces, we also offer teeth whitening services. Whether your teeth are yellowing due to drinking coffee, red wine, or smoking, we have a solution. Our whitening services can help restore your naturally white smile and make your smile brighter.

Moreover, we provide Chinese and Japanese bilingual services to meet the needs of Chinese students and office workers in Osaka. You don't need to worry about language barriers. Our professional team is fluent in Chinese and Japanese and can understand your needs and provide satisfactory services.

To make it more convenient for you, we also provide private car pick-up and drop-off services in Osaka. No matter where you are in Osaka, we can arrange a vehicle to pick you up and drop you off to make your orthodontic journey smoother.

At Digital-L, we are committed to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams

For reservations, please contact WeChat: DIGITAL-L

Chinese in Osaka, perfect your smile quickly, we provide special car pick-up service!

Are you looking for an Osaka dental hospital that can provide Chinese services? Do you want to straighten your teeth quickly and have a perfect smile? If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place!

Our dental hospital is located in the center of Osaka and specializes in providing high-quality dental services to Chinese people. Our team consists of experienced professional doctors who are all fluent in Chinese and can accurately understand and meet your needs.

We offer a variety of dental services, including orthodontics. No matter what your dental problem is, we have a solution. We use the latest technology and equipment to help you straighten your teeth quickly and give you a healthy, beautiful smile.

What’s more, we provide private transportation services for self-pay patients. You don’t need to worry about transportation, our car will pick you up at your doorstep and take you home after the treatment. In this way, you can receive treatment in a comfortable and safe environment without having to worry about language and transportation issues.

If you are in Osaka and need dental services, especially orthodontic services, then please contact us. We provide Chinese services, we have private transportation, and we can help you straighten your teeth quickly. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you have a beautiful smile!

For reservations, please contact WeChat: DIGITAL-L

Painless laser scaling for severe periodontitis (can be combined with stem cell growth factors)

The latest non-surgical bone regeneration treatment for moderate to severe periodontitis (painless, no need for surgical scaling)

Treatment of periodontitis or peri-implantitis with stem cell growth factors and laser: Periodontitis has been bothering you for a long time? After deep cleaning and laser sterilization, we use fibroblast proliferation factor FDF produced in Japan to achieve reliable bone regeneration in a short time. Using the latest Nd.YAG laser, which is characterized by wider range and deeper sterilization than previous lasers, it can deeply remove infected tissue in periodontal pockets through non-surgical methods, avoiding incision and flap surgery, thus making treatment simple. Periodontitis.

In addition, we will also select suitable toothbrushes and mouthwash for you, and prepare a home periodontitis sterilizing braces set for you to minimize the bacteria in the oral cavity and achieve obvious periodontitis treatment effects.

Orthodontics with guaranteed results

1. To ensure the ideal effect of orthodontic treatment for patients, the hospital promises to refund the full orthodontic treatment fee* (all orthodontic treatment fees except braces material costs) if the expected correction effect is not achieved.

2. In order to ensure the long-term treatment effect, if there is any recurrence or any fine-tuning is required during the 5-year correction period, our hospital will adjust it to the ideal effect for you free of charge without charging any adjustment fees.

Features of correction in our hospital: 1. Achieve expected results in a short time 2. Can treat difficult cases 3. No additional adjustment fees are charged 

Perfect after-sales service: All-ceramic dental implants have a lifetime warranty and replacement

Digital-L Dental provides permanent free warranty service for all all-ceramic teeth and dental implants. In case of breakage, fracture, etc., we will immediately replace your teeth with new ones free of charge.